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Rejuvenate Spa Experiences

Bamboo Spa has something for all who seek respite from urban life

Restore your body’s balance with centuries old therapies, accentuated by the ambient infusion of soothing fragrances and light. Recharge and be holistically revived at the Bamboo Spa.


Popular Choice

We specialized in all kinds of deep tissue massage, from Chinese Acupressure, Gua Sha Detoxification, Foot Reflexology, Swedish to Traditional Thai Herbal Therapy.

400฿ (Junior) 500฿ (Senior) For 60 mins  –  Treatment includes: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Foot Scrub + Black Diamond Herbal Foot Bath + Neck & Shoulder Massage + Signature Bamboo Foot Reflexology

450฿ (Junior) 550฿ (Senior) For 60 mins – Hand Reflexology, Pure Oil Body Massage & Back & Shoulder Massage.

110฿ (Junior) 120฿ (Senior) For 60 mins – Yin Yang Aromatherapy Massage is an ancient therapeutic method of pressure point massage utilizing essential oils from plants, leaves, and flowers that are applied to the body typically with a Shiatsu Massage technique, to stimulate blood flow and lymph fluid. Light to medium pressure will soothe aches and pains, ease nervous tension and induce healing, leaving you feeling blissful and relaxed, the perfect way to unwind.

900฿ (Junior) 1000฿ (Senior) For 90 mins – Designed to help rejuvenate and relax tired feet. It helps stimulates blood circulation and can reduce anxiety by targeting acupressure points on the feet. Complete with Head, Shoulder & Neck massage.



“My first experience with Bamboo spa. The full body massage in combination with Gua Sha was really good. The junior therapist was very kind and professional and the atmosphere was relaxing.”

Kelly Postma, Netherlands

“엄마와 마사지 받았어요^^
엄마가 엄청만족해하셨습니다!! 뭉친게 다 풀리셨대용~ 마사지사가 열심히해주셔서 더 만족하셨다고하네요
감사합니다 !!!”

Eunjin Kim, Korea

“Excellent experience for foot massage and gua sha.
My therapist focused on entire body with attention to knots particular to my body.Environment is comfortable.Will come to visit again.”

Rainee Leong, Malaysia

“Absolutely amazing! Customized my massage and pressure points to my problem areas, delightful welcome and sitting room, 5 stars!”

Elaina Marie, United States

“Bamboo spa was really good~~I hope you use this spa”

조중권, Korea

“I was very lucky finding this place!
Their professional technique was nicely firm and healed me very well.”

Lucy Watanabe, Japan

“You owe it to your body!!!! Trust me � The service and the quality is outstanding.”

Bjorn Harvold, Oslo, Norway

“Once again I had a wonderful time at the Bamboo Spa and a great massage! The nice and quiet atmosphere, the welcome drink and the super massage make a visit at this Spa a unique experience!”

Dominik Ess, Herisau, Switzerland

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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